Monday, October 2, 2017

Podcast Episode 1: Unboxing the Podcast

Welcome to the Y Karp? Why Not! Podcast. Episode 1: Unboxing the Podcast.

I’m your host, Yossi Karp and I am excited to introduce my new weekly podcast, which is all about technology, writing, gadgets, gizmos, and the stuff of life that makes it interesting!

In the first five episodes we’ll be talking about
  • The crazy world of smartphones 
  • aliens and space travel 
  • our future living under the rule of the tech oligarchy 
  • my take on electronic musical instruments 
  • and why I gave my kid a funny haircut on purpose 
Every episode will also feature a discussion on a new, interesting, or innovative product selected from my online Flipboard magazine “Everyone Needs One of These”.

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