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School Discipline - Solved

I sent today's Dilbert cartoon to a couple of fellow Technical Writers together with this question: Who wants to be the first to try this? Dilbert cartoon of 4 June 2013 One response was "Who said we haven't?" A second colleague rejoined: I have actually heard of a student who tried something like this at university: She submitted an essay to Professor X with the first page looking very professional and proper, but the following pages covered repeatedly with the sentence “Professor X is an idiot. Professor X is an idiot. Professor X is an idiot….” She got an “A”. (I’m assuming that she also must have won a bet.) My reply: At school, if you talked during Mincha [afternoon prayers], the standard punishment was to write out the entire “Ashrei” prayer (could be multiple times, depending on the severity of the transgression). I once had to write “Ashrei” seven times. I wrote it out the first time, then I got bored so I just wrote Hebrew gobbledygook for