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5 Covert Conversational Games

Ever find that you need a challenge? Do you feel that ordinary games just don't cut the mustard? Would you like the entertainment to last a whole day? Well, I might just have what you're looking for. Here are five challenging games you can play all day long, and nobody else needs to know you are playing them. 1. Song lyric conversations - choose a song for which you know all the words. Try to work every sentence or phrase from the song into conversations you have throughout the day. Double points for saying the lyrics in order. Triple points if nobody catches on. "What time is the party? Um, it's nine o'clock on a Saturday. I'm expecting the regular crowd to shuffle in a bit late." You get the picture. 2. Last letter first - when conversing with someone, make sure the first word you say begins with the last letter of the last word the other person said. This one makes you actually listen to the person talking. 3. Mispronounce me - choose a word that co

Why Radio Just Won't Die

Nobody sends telegrams anymore, snail-mail is reserved for wedding invitations, and analog television has seen its last day. But if video killed the radio star, then you can wrap me in plastic and call me Buggles . Back in the day, families would sit around the wireless, listening to news broadcasts, soap operas, and the football. Radio stars were the royalty of the living room, bringing the great, wide world into every modern home. To give you an idea of how sophisticated things were back then, cricket commentators (and I assume baseball commentators, too) would simulate the sound of ball on bat by holding a wooden block next to the microphone and tapping it with a stick. Nowadays, instant replays from every angle, ball-cams, net-cams, helmet-cams, stump-cams, and up-to-the-second on-screen statistics on every aspect of the game render mere verbal commentary primitive, at best. Back then, random music hissing out of the box in your lounge room was a miracle of mode