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Camping Trip August 2014

We just came back from a camping trip. There's nothing that brings a family closer than conquering the beast of nature together. We barbecued. We pitched tents. We sang songs around the campfire. Camping takes effort, planning, the ability to improvise, and the wherewithal to live without a shower for a couple of days (not easy in the heat!) - but it is worthwhile. Before our last camping trip, my wife had t-shirts made for each of us. The back of the t-shirt says "We love to tour in the Land of Israel" (it rhymes in Hebrew). It's a fun way to create some family unity. Israel is small, compared to almost everywhere else , but there are still thousands of kilometers of highways, endless winding country roads, and hundreds of nature reserves and historical attractions. If you have a car, an " Israel Nature and Parks Authority " card, and the Internet, you can find free and cheap places to see, and plenty of fun things to do. We spent this camping tri