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I've been spending my time collecting witty phrases to share with you. Some are from the Internet, others I made up. Enjoy: This device is cuter than a box of puppies The back seat is harder to get into than MIT Cheaper than pirated software If your tumor were any more minor it would need a hardhat with a light on it The engine guzzles more than a college student at spring break It's uglier than an Elton John outfit It's sexier than a 1973 Porche He's more washed out than a room full of Maytags He's as washed up as an oil-covered duck As useless as a chocolate kettle He's brighter than Hiroshima He's as dim as a 40 watt bulb The grinding noise it makes is louder than an American tourist More persistent than a tabloid journalist This perfume smells worse than a political cover-up This supermarket has more isles than the Hawaiian Archipelago More distracting than a teenager with a cell phone This thing has more wires than a coathanger factory A heater that be