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Windows XP Closes Up Shop...Or Does It?

Windows XP is on it's way out. As April 8 2014 looms closer, the lights are slowly being turned off, and the shutters drawn. I remember when I first upgraded from Windows 2000 to XP. The cartoonish, Fisher-Price-like interface made me cringe. But I didn't want to use the "Classic" view because then I'd be seen as old-fashioned. So I got used to the big, bright buttons, which, over the many, many years, have become warmly familiar. But all good things must come to an end...or must they? If you think that 13 years is too old for an operating system, perhaps Microsoft should take a leaf out of Chevrolet's book. As they say, " Old Chevys never die, they just go faster! ". Well, perhaps Microsoft and Chevy have something in common: I just noticed that my modern, touch-screen, in-car navigation system is running..wait for it...Windows CE, first released in 1996, now in it's 8th major iteration. That's 18 years, folks. As hard as Microsoft i

My Plan to Take Over the World

Is there anyone out there in the great, wide world who can answer this very important question: Why is it that manufacturers of garbage bags refuse to brand them? Unless I keep the garbage bag packaging (which, incidentally, is the first piece of garbage I put in the new bag) I can't remember which brand I like and which I don't, or which size I need. Isn't it basic business sense to put your company name or product name in front of your customers as often as possible? Even  food can be shaped with the brand name, right there on product (like biscuits), yet not one garbage bag company prints its name on their bags! Are they embarrassed? Is it because in 1,000 years, when archaeologists excavate landfills to learn about our civilization, the garbage bag company doesn't want to be held responsible for a garbage bag induced ecological disaster? There must be a reasonable answer to this question. If not, I'm going to start manufacturing garbage bags, put my name on