IE6 is Dead. Long Live IE9

Internet Explorer 6 is dead. In fact, Microsoft has been trying to tell us that for a while. Not only that, they are actively encouraging all of its users to dump the insecure browser in favor of one of the newer versions. Zack Whittaker explains why in this article:
Frankly, the fact that Internet Explorer 6 still has a 12% browser share, it makes Microsoft look bad compared to these younger, better looking and more advanced browsers like Chrome and Firefox.
IE9 is currently available as a public release candidate version. Then you have IE8 and IE7. I still use IE7 at work because I'm on Windows XP.  I use Firefox at home, but it is starting to feel heavy compared to Chrome, which I'm starting to like.

Which browser do you use, and why? Would you consider switching to a different browser?

Comments are most welcome!
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  1. I use Chrome for my non-work browsing and IE8 for my work-related browsing. While IE8 is definitely a step in the right direction, I still prefer Chrome. It's sleek and fast. IE still feels slow and cumbersome by comparison.

  2. Thanks for the post.

    I am running IE8 (which I think is incompatible with some 3rd party software that we use) despite being on XP. It seems to work OK, for IE.

    I still prefer Firefox to Chrome; Chrome seems to do some odd things, and is not so good at downloading and running files.


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