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Going Where No Mogul Has Gone Before

Let me just say this: I don't know much about this man as a person. I haven't done research into either his private or public lives. I don't know what his politics are and I don't know if he really is a nice guy, or if he just presents well, but I am in awe of Sir Richard Branson who seems to look at the current state of technology and ask, "How can I take this to the next level?" He thinks big.

Virgin Galactic is a perfect example. It is true that SpaceshipOne was not Branson's idea, and the original technology was not developed by Virgin (it was Burt Rutan's design). However, it took a person as flamboyant and visionary as Richard Branson to recognize the potential. He became one of the driving forces behind making regular, safe space flight into a reality with Virgin Galactic. True, it costs $200,000 for a space ticket and the spacecraft are still being tested, but the price will come down (although possibly not in my lifetime!) and Virgin Galactic will make regular space travel commonplace.

What's next for Sir Richard? Well, he's doing "up", now he's going to tackle "down". Enter VirginOceanic - your ticket to the bottom of the ocean. Sir Richard Branson's next venture will take tourists to the last unexplored frontier of Planet Earth - deeper than any submarine has ever gone before.

If Sir Richard can pull this one off, not only will he own the first commercial space venture, but he will also be the first to offer deeper-than-deep-sea tourism (yes, even deeper than the Titanic!)

You've got to hand it to the guy. He isn't content to sit back, relax on his Caribbean Island and count his £2.6b. It's true that he makes a few bucks on the way, but he is willing to take the risks and go where no transportation/music/media/tourism mogul has gone before.

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