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I Want a Tablet

Despite an almost overwhelming desire to buy one of these shiny new geeky toys, I don't think I am going to get one. The following is a conversation I had with myself today.
  1. I want a tablet computer.
  2. But they are too expensive.
  3. But you can read books on them.
  4. Buy a novel.
  5. But tablets are the future of computing.
  6. If they are the future of computing, wait until the future!
  7. But why wait? They are always coming out with new models, so that means I'll never get one.
  8. Although, in terms of bang-for-buck, you don't really get very much.
  9. But then, what do I use the home computer for, anyway - email, internet, Facebook, Twitter, internet banking and a few games - so why not?
  10. I'll tell you why not: For the same price or less you can get a netbook or low-powered notebook that will last longer, possibly even play optical media, has a better selection of ports, and supports your EWI USB electronic saxophone.
  11. Yeah, but I don't like using email, Facebook and Twitter on a shared computer.
  12. So be a man, log-out when you're done!
  13. But it would be so great to be able to sit at the table, have a coffee and read the news from a tablet, instead of sitting in front of a computer to do the same thing.
  14. So get a newspaper subscription.
  15. That's so 1880s. In any case, the tablet form-factor is so appealing - they start up almost instantly and can be taken anywhere.
  16. Yeah, but which one would you get? There are so many options - iPad, Android, WebOS, Blackberry Tablet OS - and what about screen size, resolution, battery life, weight, apps, 3G, 4G, W-Fi and all that jazz - you are bound to make the wrong choice.
  17. What, so just because there's a choice I can't bring myself to make an informed decision? Of course I can - and I'll live with whatever choice I make.
  18. But it will be outdated within a few months.
  19. So iPad 1.0 owners should just toss their devices because iPad 2.0 came out? Seriously?
  20. You'll become an Internet junkie - you wouldn't be able to put the thing down.
  21. Yeah I know, but it's a small price to pay...
Oh, heck. I hate it when I'm right.

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